SEONuking: A Reasonable Review

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What kind of things do you do while you work to build your Internet Marketing business? If you try and do all of the work yourself, you most likely spend your whole day frantically transitioning from one task to another while simultaneously worrying that you aren't going to get everything finished. There is content material to be developed, marketing campaigns to be constructed, back links to be built, client relationships to be developed and nurtured, the list goes on and on. But imagine if, for one easy price, you could use outside agencies for quite a bit of that work? SEONuking is a provider that can undertake all of your SEO work, back linking and often even the creation of your content.

You likely are convinced this seems too good to be true and if it were merely a piece of software being sold to you as such it would live up to that. But what makes this different is the fact that you aren't buying software. You're actually buying a individual's time. Mo Taqi is offering himself along with his team for being your very own SEONukers. These people will take on your content work, your back linking, your SEO duties and if you decide on the option for the Leading Articles membership even the creation of your content.

Here�s the way it works. You become a member of SEONuking and, every morning you send in the written content that you want to be submitted, the keyword campaign the content will be working toward and the team at SEONuking takes care of the rest. They employ Senuke and MyArticleNetwork to help them do this for you swiftly. For the specific content material you have two choices: you can create your own spinnable content or you can use the Ultra Spinnable Content from Vita Vee�s Leading Articles Ultra Spinnables membership program. Whichever you select, Taqi and his team are the folks that distribute the spinnable articles and do the rest of the work for you (like bookmarking, submitting rss feeds etc...).

There is no true commitment necessary for this membership which charges just a little bit less than two hundred dollars per month. You can test it out for a month, find out if it works for you and then decide on whether or not to continue on. You can also elect to cancel your membership whenever you want to.

What makes this service different and unique is the customization that goes into it. Mo Taqi is keeping his membership compact so that you are guaranteed to tailored service. You are not purchasing anything automated. Real people are doing honest work to help you and your company succeed. In addition to that, you are able to speak with Mo through Skype to make sure that your goals are met and to create a road map for how best to meet them. He can help you learn how to get to wherever you want to go.

The very best selling point here, however, is the fact Mo Taqi is the person who has working behind the scenes of all of Vita Vee's successful ventures. He�s the one that has helped Vita build his enterprise to what it is today and Vita is prepared and willing to endorse him. You are most likely already familiar with Vita Vee and how profitable he has become. Don�t you want that for yourself?

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